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Free Ebook, Partnering for Success

It’s become no secret over the last decade that successful web projects come from a variety of moving parts, all aimed at launching in a productive and positive manner. What they don’t teach—“they” being higher education, most bosses, even colleagues—is what it takes to set yourself up for success.

Right out of the gate, let’s say the web partner is just bad at their job. They’re disorganized, loathe a paced process, and become terrible at communicating. Seems like a set of traits that would be the opposite of someone in the client services business, but we hear that storyline all the time. What, then, makes a positive web partner these days? Prospective businesses need to know; they deserve to know.

On the flip side, take a client that has no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. A business owner, or a board of directors, that have no formal training in design, development, or project management. But they try to bulldoze their way through a web project in whatever way they know how. They take the reigns, hesitant to give up much control, and double back on their own decisions while pointing fingers. How, then, can a business owner be better equipped to understand this new partnership?

We’re constantly tweaking our own special sauce, but have come to learn that there are quite a few tried and true topics that seem veiled within the digital industry. Enter Partnering for Success, our first (free!) ebook.

Partnering for Success was written with future clients and current business owners in mind. Whether you run a business, manage and direct marketing, are thinking about a new startup idea, or simply want to better understand the digital project landscape, this book is for you. Think of this as your roadmap for spearheading better digital projects.

Over roughly 40 pages we talk about our process, expose red flags, and explain what’s gone well (and what’s been a disaster) over time. Our mistakes and our own successes will inform and guide you on your next project.

In the end, we want you to be the very best partner for your digital team. Gain confidence in your projects, score the best partner relationship, and start making a difference.

Download Partnering for Success, and start your journey towards success. 

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