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#NewKitDay: Authentic Cycling

Authentic is a lifestyle company at its core. Every team member gets out beyond the screen, exploring life and enjoying being active. Whether that’s skateboarding, trail running, or cycling, we’re always pushing our physical limits just as we push each other and the work we’re doing.

As summer approaches, and on the heels of our new website launch, we're excited to kick off the cycling season with our own custom kit, taking passion for design to a new medium. 

Clean lines, attention to detail, and a pro level apparel partner bring lifestyle and work together in a pretty rad looking bike kit (if we do say so ourselves). 

We don't support FOMO, so pre-order now.

The Kit & Free Cycling Cap 

After testing many jerseys and bibs, we decided on the Slick Jersey and Power Bib from our great partner, Louis Garneau. The kit is an all season go to; something you can ride in the heat of summer, but also on that cool fall day. 

It’s neither thin mesh thin nor overly heavy. We aimed to create something classy and versatile for all of our cyclist friends.

The kit will come with a free racing cap for those that order both the jersey and bibs (hooray! free stuff that is neat!). You'll see this option when placing an order. Grabbing a kit for you and yours? Go ahead, snag two free caps. 

We’re so happy with how the kit came together, and hope you can imagine yourself shredding local roads in style and comfort, too.

Friendly reminder that these images are best representations of the final product. This gets us really close, but the actual kit will vary slightly. Screen versus real life, mockups versus real textures, and all that good stuff. 

Want to snag one? Awesome! It’s super easy, just click here.

Have 15 minutes?

We can answer any questions you might have.

Common Questions

How does ordering work?

The ordering process will be 2-step. First, you submit your details. Once the preorder is over, we’ll be in touch for you to complete your order right then and there. Badabing.

How can I expect this to fit?

Think of this as a competitive fit, meaning the fit is neither baggy nor peel-it-off-my-skin tight. At 6'1" and 170 pounds, I prefer a medium in both the jersey and bibs. The leg cuffs are compressive—which is a good thing—and will promote great circulation while riding.

If you have concerns about fit, and the sizing chart doesn’t address your questions, please email Kim at Louis Garneau directly to ask specific questions.

Is there a women’s option?

Yes! We are offering women’s versions of both the jersey and bibs. Please, tell all your lady friends! You’ll see this option when ordering.

When do I have to place my order by?

Preorders are open for 2 weeks only! It’s a one time run, folks. Limited edish. Treat yo self.

Who handles payments and shipping?

Our partner Louis Garneau will handle your payment and shipping details, taking the middle man (us) out of the equation. Pretty great.

What if I have more questions?

Let us know! Feel free to ping me at @chrisfarnold on Twitter, or chris at authenticff dot com.

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