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This spring I had the opportunity to travel to Japan for a few weeks of vacation and personal “work” as I observed one of my favorite cultures through bright eyes. Not only do I feel traveling is important for personal and social growth, but also for creative spark as a design or development mind. Kicking the tires in a familiar spot can be nice, but nothing invigorates like a new place.

The decision was made to post up in two key Japanese locations during the trip: Sendai, in the north, and Osaka, in the south central portion of the country.

From Sendai and Osaka, day trip opportunities via train were ample given the freedom of the Japan Rail Pass, and exploration of the cities themselves on non-travel days was a must. Before heading home, a few days would be spent in Tokyo for good measure, too.

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While traveling I always aim to capture moments in photos, but this trip I decided to embark (really for the first time ever) in shooting a bit of video. I brought along a GoPro and my iPhone, putting them both to the test during these spring travels. By the end, the iPhone decidedly won over in both quality and playback ability, and I was able to flex my very introductory skills as scenes in Japan jumped out at me.

This video is a collection of some of the footage taken during that trip, and signifies my first (small) project using new media and software. I hope to continue this pursuit and take what I've learned to expand upon the potential that lies in video storytelling.

Please, enjoy! I'd love to hear from you if you have comments or questions about the video, or Japan as a country in and of itself.


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