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The New Authentic Project Intro Site

We recently built a new web-based project introduction site to make describing a new project fast and simple. In addition to improving communication with the client, it also gives us a chance to showcase a slice of our web design and development skills, and build upon the Authentic brand with a strong first impression.

An Authentic Brand

One of the many things we pride ourselves on at Authentic, and something that's inherent to our namesake is, well, being authentic. Seems simple enough, but for us that means exuding an authentic, genuine, and passionate approach to all aspects of our brand.

While many people would define a brand as simply the logo, design style and tagline of a company, we like to think of a brand as a holistic and all-encompassing entity that includes every single touchpoint of our organization.

This goes beyond our website, logo and general aesthetic and includes how we communicate, both privately and publically. Whether we're tweeting, posting on LinkedIn, answering the phone or sending an email, we believe how you communicate is a big reflection of your brand.

Welcome to Our (Virtual) Office

When you walk into a lawyer's or dentist's office, you expect to be treated warmly and in a timely manner. A comfy seat, someone to greet you, and information relevant to your needs. You want to be able to describe your problem in detail and how you'd like it fixed.

If at all possible, you'd like to know what you're going to pay and when it's going to be done before you walk into the room. And if there are forms to fill out, hopefully this can be done on an iPad, and not a stack of papers stapled together with a pen that doesn't quite work!

We feel the same should be said for a web studio.

While we're more than happy to host clients in our Denver home office or chat with them over the phone, more often than not our clients come from all over the country and around the world and don't always have time for lengthy intro discussions that take weeks to digest. That's why our new Project Introduction site is web-based, quick to get through, and dead simple.

We ask 10 simple questions that we invite clients to talk about in free form. Once they're done with that, there are 4 qualities in the project that they're asked to rate using a 5 star method.

Have 15 minutes?

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Why This Matters

For us, having a web-based project introduction form is helpful beyond just aligning with the Authentic brand. It also improves communication by ensuring the client and everyone on their team has a simple, easily-accessible document everyone can share and contribute to.

With our conversational style questions, we can also get a gauge for the tone of the client we're speaking to, how experienced they are with various technologies and design principles, and what matters most to them.

Some clients prefer short blurbs while others may benefit from longer answers. For these clients, giving them room to really empty their heads can provide clarity on a project they may not have had a chance to wrap their heads around completely or decide what project goals have the highest priority.

We also designed the form to be completely transparent and direct, asking for budget and timeline information so we're getting all pertinent information upfront, avoiding the spinning of wheels. Projects that begin with minimal uncertainties have a much higher chance of running smoothly and ending successfully.

Finally, the project intro form is designed to leave a client with a warm, personal touch. An easy-to-use website that's nicely laid out and straightforward in its purpose. Elegantly designed, yet simple to use, it's the Authentic way.

Check it out for yourself or share with a friend who might need a digital design and development partner for their business.

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