Authentic Form & Function is an innovative digital studio for startups, businesses, and creative agencies. We’re a tight group of digital experts living at the intersection of progressive design and smart technology.

The perfect team for your next digital project

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Our History

After connecting first via Twitter—and then in person—Authentic Partners Bryant Hughes and Chris Arnold felt there was a lack of substance in the way they saw traditional agency's operating.

With backgrounds in development and design respectively, and a history of working for agencies, they both sought change for something that felt more organic. Moving away from the practices that weren’t genuine or inspiring, the two set out to spearhead something better.

Denver Offices Authentic F&F offices located in Denver, Colorado

What Drives Us

Building client relationships focused on integrity and honesty, and as designers and developers constantly creating and accomplishing.

We come to work each day excited to build things and love constantly changing landscape of problems we're able to help our clients solve.

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What we believe

People who love what they do naturally produce great work; autonomy and accountability make for strong teams; a generalist approach to building teams builds the best work.
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Remote Culture

With the goal of producing great work, we aim to break the mold of a traditional agency and create a studio which builds it's team with a group of individuals who love the work they do, regardless of where they happen to live.

Remote allows us to hire the very best talent from more than a single area. Having a dispersed team means strong communication and writing skills must be present.

By being flexible and communicative, our team is also flexible in return, while being dedicated to the work we do for our clients and for ourselves. And, in the end, we feel this is a great combination for partnering for success within the relationships we grow.

How might we be able to help you in your next venture? We’d love to grab a coffee and say hello. Until then, warm regards!

Bryant Hughes

Chris Arnold

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Next Digital Project