Independent Design & Technology studio working with organizations revitalizing urban communities.

The perfect team for your next digital project

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Our History

Authentic F&F Partners Chris Arnold and Bryant Hughes started the company after years of feeling like there was a lack of substance in the way they saw a traditional agency operating. Outlandish offices and ping pong tables somehow didn't make sense.

With blended backgrounds in design and development, and a history of working for large agencies, they both sought change for something that was more fulfilling, and with a tie to the cities they lived in. Moving away from the practices that weren’t genuine or inspiring, the two set out to spearhead something more fine-tuned and specific.

Denver Offices Authentic F&F offices, located in Denver and Minneapolis

What Drives Us

We're driven by building client relationships focused on integrity and honesty around unique projects, and as designers and developers constantly creating and accomplishing. We come to work each day excited to build in the digital space, and love the unique landscape of problems we're able to help our clients solve.

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We believe

Those who love what they do naturally produce great work; autonomy and accountability make for strong teams; building teams with purpose generates the best products.
Denver Offices Coffee's on us in Denver or Minneapolis!


We aim to break the mold of a traditional agency and evolve a company which builds it's team with a group of individuals who love the work they do, regardless of where they happen to live.

Having offices in both Denver and Minneapolis provides us close ties with both bustling urban environments and natural terrain. But it also enables us to hire the very best talent from more than one region.

By virtue of our culture, our team is dedicated to the work we do for our clients and for ourselves. And, in the end, we feel this is a great combination as we partner for success within the relationships we grow.

How might we be able to help you in your next venture? We’d love to say hello. Until then, warm regards!

Bryant Hughes
Partner (Mpls)

Chris Arnold
Partner (Denver)

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