Independent Design & Technology studio working with organizations revitalizing urban communities.

Connect with your city and launch your unique vision

We build robust websites and digital experiences for innovative urban projects. 

Partnering with CRE groups, developers, municipalities, and urban designers, we launch sites that create excitement and connect with their market. 

Going beyond marketing, our projects serve as an ongoing tool for operations and growth, providing custom technology like e-commerce, booking and reservations, and automated sales and marketing tools.

Our services are complete. We guide early brand digital strategy and walk clients through our collaborative design and development process. After the site has launched we stay a committed partner, helping with digital marketing and continued website improvements.

You have a project that will make a unique impact your city. We'll ensure you have the digital strategy and website creating this impact and realizing your vision.

  • Consulting & Planning
  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • Web & Interface Design
  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • E-Commerce
  • Booking & Reservations
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media
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Created with Sketch. I'll run every digital project like this from now on if I can. Authentic's team has been great to work with. Justin Croft, Zeppelin Development


Not only do we understand the design and development landscape deeply, we also understand how to best position your project for success in the digital world. That first comes with informing the public about the development project from the onset. Strategic positioning and marketing, in addition to strong design and development, are critical.


Education is a necessity for innovative redevelopment projects. Local communities and neighborhoods, understandably, want to understand how the landscape around them will be changing. Speaking to the people groups directly impacted—as well as those that may travel to the destination—is a key leverage point for the future success of a project.


Once a project launches it's only the beginning. If you build it, they might not come! Unless of course, you make sure your bases are covered on the website itself, in social campaigns, and digital ad campaigns. Ongoing inspiration tops everything off after the website is live: it's what entices people to buy what you’re selling. We understand how that process moves on the web from start to finish.


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