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Greenhouse GO

From concept, to strategy, design, development, and launch. A partner in launching an industry-changing piece of software.

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  • Web Development
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  • Product Strategy
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The Challenge

Greenhouse GO approached us with a sophisticated model for calculating green building standards in the California land development landscape. The team needed help creating a powerful and smart web product, but also an assist and consult in the business activities needed to bring the app to market.

The Challenge
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We helped bring this carbon mitigation startup to market by launching a polished sales website, product video, and SaaS web application, aimed at green building professionals and land developers.

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MVP Concepts

We started working on a minimum viable product (MVP) right away to both test the waters conceptually, but also to get a solid design and technical footing on the solution at large. 

After the initial idea was tested, we moved quickly into a more grandiose build by optimizing and updating the user interface, then scaled the data model powering the application to deliver more accurate calculations. 

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Sales, Marketing, PR

During our partnership with GHG, we worked heavily on the application itself, but also on subsequent marketing websites, traditional marketing and PR, app icon creation, video development, and sales tracking. 

Consistently creating new avenues for revenue potential meant constant exploration in design and technical solutions.

Project Recap

The team at Greenhouse GO needed a digital partner who could assist with online sales strategies, marketing initiatives, product development, and more. Never before had carbon output—and potential savings—been visualized in such any easily digestible way.

Created with Sketch. Our experience with Authentic has been one of the best consulting relationships I've had in over 50 years of previous partnerships. Pat Dawe, Founder & CEO
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