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J.S. Held

Native apps, content management, and a rich customer experience. A robust platform to grow along with their business.

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  • Responsive Design
  • Interface Design
  • Web Development
  • iOS Development
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Craft CMS
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The Challenge

As one of the country's largest construction consulting firms, J.S. Held requires a strong presence in the digital sphere. Like many in the same industry, Held’s website and general digital savvy was years behind the curve. 

They needed a web partner to guide them towards a variety of website, app, and SEO/SEM improvements.

The Challenge
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With an old website running antiquated technologies, J.S. Held was losing out to their competition for many top performing keywords and search terms. 

As they further expanded service areas, and depth of experience, they needed a roadmap for giving the brand a facelift in both the web and mobile space.

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Website Redesign

We immediately helped the team rethink the way their marketing website was both presented, and how it spoke to future clients. This, combined with SEO and SEM improvements, increased digital engagement from the start.

To this day we continue to assist with iterations on the marketing website and mobile updates, evolving as the company evolves, too.

Jsh Directory

Company Directory

Beyond their marketing website, we built a custom directory that allows for the quick access of nearly every company representative across the country. Never before had their sales funnel been so cohesively presented on the web. 

Project Recap

Over the years we've built up the brand through modern content management, strong customer experiences, and mobile platforms. As the company grows, so too does their digital arsenal.

Jsh App

Native iOS App

We also designed and built a customized native iOS application, aimed at quickly providing potential customers more information about the J.S. Held team and the sheer volume of projects they’ve served over the years.

Combined with a robust website and marketing strategy, the company is poised for exponential growth in the digital space for years to come.

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