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Madison Investments

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The Challenge

Since its founding in 1974, Madison has grown from a local firm into a manager entrusted with multiple billions in assets across a suite of mutual funds, managed accounts, and customized portfolios. They came to us in need of various solutions that brought their business, and their clients, into the modern web space. In a nutshell, helping usher a billion-dollar investment firm into the modern digital era.

The Challenge
Madison Brand

Brand Building

With an old set of websites that dated many years back, the company's brand voice had yet to be heard on the modern web. We explored, and continue to evolve today, the look and feel of this brand. Its classic roots are underscored by its willingness to move forward without compromising its history.

Madison Story

Telling a Story

Madison's team is rich in history and opinion, many of the lead members having been with the firm for decades. The company's dedication to it's staff, and most certainly it's clients, was getting buried on the old website. We opened up new avenues to present this important information.

Madison Story
Madison Photos

Custom Photography

Capturing the right aesthetic feel involved making sure that we took note of every aspect of the beautiful campus. From stunning exterior shots, to glimpses of the team at work, not to mention subtle interior nuances, each image helps tell the unique story.

Madison Data

Data is King

Madison Funds required custom development and display of important funds data to its shareholders. We worked closely with a third party that granted access to a data set, and from there, we brought to life this high priority information within a client's account on a daily basis.

Madison Data
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Project Recap

Madison's ROI quickly moved into the black. Within months of the website being live, the new web presence helped attract multiple new high value clients. By working alongside a strong internal vision, we were able to blend our expertise in web design, development, and custom solutions to bring Madison into the light.

Created with Sketch. Authentic's technical skill, project management, and aesthetics were my three main reasons for hiring the team. It doesn’t hurt that they’re nice, fun to work with and present themselves professionally! Jack Borgo, Head of Marketing
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