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Providing strategy and interaction design to a powerful native app.

  • UX Design
  • Interface Design
  • iOS Development
  • Product Strategy
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The Challenge

When it comes to the longevity of a startup, RoundPegg has stood the test of time with almost 10 years under it’s belt. To best poise the brand against new competition in the marketplace, its culture and engagement platform required a boost in the native application space. But first, they needed a strong digital design partner to help guide the way.

The Challenge
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Interface & Experience Research

Any startup that’s established itself over many years learns a thing or two about competition. In the case of RoundPegg, they realized potential clients wanted a dedicated mobile app to access and engage with their culture assessments. 

Despite a tight timeline and aggressive development schedule, they needed assistance in all aspects of UI and UX design when it came to planning and executing their product in the mobile space.

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Mobile Design

From the beginning we tinkered with the desktop application, all the while gathering a better understanding for how design solutions could translate to an Apple device. 

Detailed wireframes followed, outlining each step of the mobile application experience from a user’s perspective.

Project Recap

From the get go, we quickly established a rhythm that felt right for mobile user assessments, the app’s core function, and the greater brand itself. Despite a fast paced sprint mentality, we consistently hit deliverables on time and within project requirements.

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Native iOS App

We dove right into polishing interface elements that best matched a brand that’s long been established. With a finished set of design files to guide development efforts, their team was primed to build, test, and launch multiple phases of the new mobile product without skipping a beat.

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