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Safe Bones Co.

Strategizing and building a modern day, high quality dog bones and dog treats company.

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  • Ecommerce
  • Craft CMS
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  • Marketing & SEO
  • Photography
  • Branding
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The Challenge

The pet product industry—more specifically the dog bone and treat industry—has been riddled with issues over the last decade. Safety concerns, imported product nightmares, and overly processed items have waged war with our beloved dogs. Pet owners don't know where to turn.

We faced those issues head on by bringing a brand to market that stood firmly on three core values: safety, process, and giving back with every order.

The Challenge
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Sbco Experience

Subtle Shopping

Shopping online can be cumbersome and tiring, but by incorporating unique interactions and cues to the customer, the website allows users to browse without friction.

Using a combination of javascript and ajax components, the experience becomes one of consistent reward, rather than one of ongoing frustration.

Sbco Purpose

High Purpose Ecommerce

Safe Bones Co. was purposefully built with a digital-only mindset. By bringing only the highest quality products to customers, without the overhead of brick and mortar locations, the company can not only control costs but also give back to pet organizations with each order.

Built on modern technology, while standing on pillars of purpose: that's the Safe Bones Company way. For each and every order processed, 1% is given back automatically.

Sbco Purpose
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Educating Customers

From untrue articles to biased commentary on safety, product quality, and best practices, it was important to develop an area that shed truth on important dog and puppy topics.

The brand's Learning Center was built as a great place to get the most important information quickly: articles on bones safety, rawhide and processed alternatives, puppy health, and general pup tips for healthy dog bones and treats. Part of giving back meant ensuring customers were informed from the start.

Project Recap

It became clear early on: customers know that transparency and quality are pillars when it comes to dog health and happiness. Safe Bones Co. brings only 100% natural, single-ingredient bones and treats to market, and is built for future growth on the web. One dog at a time.

Created with Sketch. We received the treats!!! My dogs LOVED them so much that they got in a fight over them, haha! Must be good stuff. Thank you so much! Hannah Aelbling, Customer

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