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The Challenge

Despite having a well-established brand and stunning photography, IHA came to us in need of a redesign both visually and technically after a poor experience with their previous web partner. From more modern design solutions, to improved content management system functionality, we stepped in to overhaul the system.

The Challenge
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Research & Planning

After a lackluster design and development implementation, we were tasked with taking the brand’s nuts and bolts to build up a more inspired, well-balanced website experience. 

The previous design edged closer to outdated practices than it did modern solutions, so we needed to dig into the best ways to conserve the larger brand strategy while evoking a more clean, modern design sensibility on the web. 

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Craft Content Management

When it came to the existing content management system, the implementation was far from dialed in, leaving our team with various technical challenges surrounding the restructuring and management of large buckets of content.

We cleaned up the system immensely, reordering and refactoring areas of the system that were either incorrectly implemented, or established using unorthodox coding practices—both of which hindered future website updates.

Project Recap

Whether it was rethinking the greater design strategy, or building the Craft content management system to a more modern spec, we were able to allow an already beautiful brand to shine even more in its digital space like never before.

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Responsive Design

The old design lacked character for a brand that drips it in their own unique way, so we quickly jumped in to explore new responsive design patterns that better aligned with the IHA look and feel. 

Because the previous build lacked well-established breakpoints for all device sizes, we worked closely in design- and code-mind to ensure all decisions being made would seamlessly transition into the future user experience for the new site. 

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