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Britt is a Senior Designer at Authentic


A Rocky Mountain Gal, Britt was raised in northern New Mexico but was born just over the border, in Colorado. As a child, she could be found running around the woods picking up pinecones or sticks and pretending she was a mythical creature. Her teachers called her sensitive, creative, and often received a "talks too much in class" note on her early report cards.

Britt's propensity for rambunctious, playful creation, and chattiness led her do to two things at university: run fast, and major in Communication Design.

She received a scholarship to run at Adams State University, bringing her back to her [native] state of Colorado. She earned a BA in Design, along with nine All-Americans, five team national titles, one individual title, and one best-friend-turned-husband. Britt's professional design experience lies mostly in the hospitality and property management space, which lends itself to living in some of the most beautiful places in the western US. (Again, running around in the woods!)

When Britt is not lovingly pushing pixels or conjuring color palettes, she can be found exactly where we found her when this story began... in the woods! These days she's usually with said best-friend-turned-husband and her rambunctious young child that has the same propensity for creativity and sticks.