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Sarah is the Creative Director and a fearless visual leader


Growing up on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille in North Idaho, Sarah developed a love for all things outdoors. While her early years were filled with building forts and picking wild huckleberries, she also gravitated towards the internet, designing and coding her first website in 4th grade on Geocities (cue flame GIFs).

She studied Graphic Design at Portland State University and cut her teeth in the world of advertising at Wieden+Kennedy. In 2015 she earned an MFA in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. Then wanderlust struck and she zig-zagged her way across the country, working in agencies from New York to Los Angeles, with many pitstops along the way, including jaunts to Beijing, Istanbul, and rural Utah.

Today Sarah calls the San Juan Mountains of Colorado home. There she balances the creative work she does on her laptop with high altitude hikes on the weekends with her partner Evan and their dog, Juniper. This summer she begins her next adventure—welcoming a baby girl in June.


Coffee Shops
Climbing 13ers
Desert Road Trips
Collecting Houseplants