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Authentic is an independent full-service creative marketing agency specializing in commercial real estate and urban development. We help design, launch, and lease real estate projects—all while leveraging a variety of specialized services and tools that support all phases of real estate development.

Our culture is ideal for scrappy and creative minds excited about applying their talents to ever-changing client work, along with building unique tools to innovate real estate marketing.

We incentivize team members who "take the bull by the horns" and help push the company forward. We offer monthly profit sharing, flexible schedules, paid time off, and extended holiday breaks.

Mission of the Role

The Copywriter role at Authentic is a team member that carries a studious and organized approach with the ability to collaborate with clients and our internal team during content writing efforts. They are a research-friendly, detail-oriented personality who is comfortable collaborating with a variety of personality types.

At its core, the Copywriter supports both client and internal projects. They are eloquent with their communication, and provide substantive recommendations and great value when it comes to delivering quality content. They understand and have experience with developing content calendars, as well as writing for websites, blog articles, social media, and corporate marketing.

The Copywriter thrives on supporting client projects and collaborating with our design and marketing minds to push outcomes to their highest possible levels. They aim to produce a secret sauce that elevates everyone’s work with nuance and care.



  • Coordinate and lead ongoing agency writing efforts on behalf of client partner requests, as well as internal efforts. This may include, but is not limited to, developing content calendars, website copy, marketing copy, blog articles, and similar.

  • Communicate with team members and clients, deploying excellent listening, verbal, and written communication skills.

  • Scheduling content kickoff and review meetings, and managing writing schedules.

  • Assisting with impromptu tasks such as research and content entry, as needed based on project requirements.


  • Join the team-wide admin call on Monday morning, delivering polished notes for active projects week over week.

  • Manage the content writing process, both with clients and vendors, through completion.

  • Lead final web content entry, as needed, by manually entering content and buttoning up any final needs prior to project launches.


  • Maintain the ability to juggle multiple writing tasks at a time, including subsequent communication threads with contacts, while maintaining a sharp attention to detail.


  • Make recommendations to company ownership for how internal and external processes could be improved.

  • Partake in quarterly review calls with company leadership.


  • Take part in yearly performance reviews.

  • Set yearly goals and objectives.


We are looking for those based in the United States only, please.

If this aligns with your experience and interests, we want to hear from you. Please send us an email with your name and the title of this job to, attaching any supporting materials, links, or related content.

We look forward to hearing why you would be a great fit for Authentic.