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Authentic is an independent full-service creative marketing agency specializing in commercial real estate and urban development. We help design, launch, and lease real estate projects—all while leveraging a variety of specialized services and tools that support all phases of real estate development.

Our culture is ideal for scrappy and creative minds excited about applying their talents to ever-changing client work, along with building unique tools to innovate real estate marketing.

We incentivize team members who "take the bull by the horns" and help push the company forward. We offer monthly profit sharing, flexible schedules, paid time off, and extended holiday breaks.

Mission of the Role

The Technical Director role at Authentic is the team member responsible for overseeing all daily operations and management of our development team. The Technical Director reports to company ownership and is responsible for managing the scheduling and workloads of other development team members.

They are actively involved in both client and internal projects and have a pulse on all Authentic projects. The Technical Director leads projects from start to finish, eloquently communicates with clients, and feels empowered to make decisions (and take responsibility) on behalf of the development team. They are technically savvy, solutions-oriented, and confident in decision-making and communicating.

The Technical Director oversees the roadmap and development of our Amplify platform. They work with company ownership to define the goals for new iterations of the platform and are responsible for managing the build-out of new functionality and feature sets.

They are also responsible for managing Authentic’s web hosting stack: launching new websites, keeping a pulse on intermittent site outages, and responding to emergency downtime.

Our Technical Director:

  • Thrives leading the development of website experience, sometimes owning projects start to finish, and other times overseeing the development of a project completed by other members of the development team.

  • Has deep knowledge of both front and backend development conventions, including our content management system of choice, Craft CMS.

  • Has deep knowledge of HTML/CSS, SASS, object-oriented javascript, webpack, git, interaction design principles, Craft CMS architecture, Craft CMS twig template, and basic web administration.

  • Enjoys staying current on the quickly changing landscape of various technology stacks: front-end, Craft CMS, and platform architectures.

  • Takes pride in overseeing the development of visually-accurate design, and are able to collaborate with designers to add polish and interaction across all device sizes.

  • Effectively manages a team of developers, ensuring they are pacing themselves to deliver work that’s on time and within budget on a project.

  • Ensure all development team members have a full plate of work and a clear understanding of what they need to be completing.

  • Thinks out of the box and can find ways of creating solutions by integrating different types of technologies, ie: Zapier, API integrations, and software combinations.

In a given week, our Technical Director might be:

  • In the thick of leading development on a large project or balancing 3 to 4 smaller development projects. There is no typical week when it comes to projects, but the ability to context switch is essential.

  • Overseeing the development of 2-3 other projects, ensuring the development team is delivering high-quality work that’s on time and on budget.

  • Available for infrastructure-related debugging, when servers run into outages or availability issues.

  • Collaborating with the design team during early design phases to help shape the scope and success of a project.

  • Attending team meetings that are designed for sharing knowledge, surfacing concerns, and generally bringing together a group that is usually working separately across many projects.

  • Roadmap planning for the development of our Amplify platform. Analyzing new functionality requests, documenting requests into sprints of work, and implementing updates to the platform.

Everyone at Authentic:

  • Has the ability to work and thrive in a remote working environment.

  • Creates remote-based daily work routines, to keep themself productive and refreshed.

  • Can effectively communicate remotely, with emphasis on clear and concise writing, team task management, diligence on scheduled events, and being documentation-oriented.

  • Enjoys the freedoms of remote work, but exceptionally self-motivated and goal-oriented, willing to make sacrifices on behalf of the team.

  • Brings energy to work each day, with a willingness to learn and take direction. Eager to get dirty in an entrepreneurial environment.

  • Has the ability to shift priorities and objectives within the landscape of working with a small dynamic studio.

How to apply:

This is a contract-to-hire position in the United States only. During the contract phase, you’ll become familiar with our processes and team, jumping right into active projects. If it makes sense for you (and for us) you’ll transition seamlessly to full time after three months on board.

When you get in touch, we’re not interested in a boilerplate sentence! We're a tight-knit group and want this position to be filled by a unique someone who communicates well and who understands going the extra mile is, at times, very necessary.

If this is you, amazing! Please apply with:

  • A cover letter of sorts; it doesn’t need to be fancy, but tell us about yourself, why you think you'd be a good fit, and what you will bring to the team. We want to know.

  • Your Github and/or Dribbble link

  • Your resume and portfolio information

  • Salary requirements

Please send your information to, and include the job title in the subject line.

We can't wait to hear from you!