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Connect to your community

Amplify is the best way to connect and engage with your community, using the latest in civic design and technology. Let's build a way to launch your project online.

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Innovate with modern technology

Stop being burdened with the status-quo. Amplify gives you modern digital tools to reach and engage with your citizens where they live, online.


Innovative Design

Amplify provides your project with a stunning custom-designed site experience, bringing the vision of your project to the community.


Interactive Maps

Amplify was built with mapping in mind. Highlight floor-plans, or give a birds-eye view of your neighborhood's amenities.

Community engagement

Community Engagement

Digital engagement can speed up approvals and entitlements. Connect with your community for faster, better projects.

Augmented reality

VR/AR/Mixed Reality

Static renders and PDFs only go so far. Allow people to experience your project before you're broken ground.

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Innovative Design

Civic doesn't need to mean boring. Our design is not only effective but captivating. Amplify creates a delightful user experience to better resonate with the people you care about.


Mobile Optimized & Accessible

Amplify was built for mobile first. Nowadays the majority of people connect online their mobile devices, and now you can engage with them when they're on the move.

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A better way to engage

Engaging with everyone in your community is challenging. Use digital tools to reach a broader audience and connect with those usually hesitant to speak up.


Smart technology for all city projects

All types of civic projects would benefit from a polished digital experience. Our wide capabilities and creative services allow you to custom tailor your project based on the unique needs of your project.

Let's chat about how your city can innovate.

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