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January 18, 2019

From launching our platform Amplify to the urban world, to wrapping up season one of the Transforming Cities podcast, here's a look back at 2018's adventures.

There were many successes and developments throughout the last year, but being so busy we weren’t always able to shout them from the rooftops. We wanted to take a second before we finally accept 2019 is upon us, and give you a rundown of Authentic F&F’s highlights from 2018.


Toward the beginning of the year we ramped up activity around building our real estate platform — Amplify. We worked on further refining the mixed reality module, using AR and VR, to provide websites with deeper interactivity with urban spaces before and after the projects are complete. Now, this project has progressed — we’re plugging into these features for real users and real clients. Watch this space for some case studies soon!

Transforming Cities

Some vivid conversations led to the planning and recording of Season One of our (newly released) Transforming Cities podcast series! The podcast is about diving into the minds of urban industry leaders, learning what inspires and motivates them, and applying those valuable stories or lessons to our own work. See more on this here.

Hyde Development

We started working with Minneapolis and Denver-based Hyde Development in the Summer of 2018, helping their team launch websites for two key projects: 76 Commerce Center and Northern Stacks.

76 Commerce Center is a growing industrial development just north of Denver and off Interstate 76. With multiple buildings in the planning and construction phase, the project will yield almost 2 million sq ft of new Class A industrial space in the region.

Northern Stacks has been a staple in Minneapolis during recent years, offering industrial distribution and office/warehouse facilities to large companies. With its elevated finishes and superior amenities, it continues to grow and thrive in a hard-working region.

After the positive feedback they received on our first first Amplify projects, we also began work on a third Hyde project to be launched in early 2019; Nordøst Exchange. The project will invest in and adapt an old YMCA building, transforming the space into a creative office and retail marketplace.

Triten Real Estate

By Fall 2018, Houston-based Triten Real Estate began to take notice of the work we were doing with Amplify and signed on for two new projects; their company website, and a new project to be launched in early 2019. This project is an adaptive reuse project based in Houston’s blossoming Heights neighborhood called m-k-t, and it’s deep in design and implementation as we speak.

J.S. Held

Outside of Amplify, we also launched new work with longtime client J.S. Held to rethink and redesign their global website. Originally gaining traction in the construction insurance space, J.S. Held has since expanded into a global multi-disciplinary consulting firm that expertly covers all aspects of the real estate, construction, design, build, and related industry fields. As they continue to expand and cross borders, so too does their website.

Epstein Global

As we closed out 2018, we were also fortunate to partner with Epstein Global, a multi-disciplinary design and build firm based in Chicago who we’ve started to assist with design and SEO optimization. After initially assisting with various content management system updates and upgrades, we look to the new year and a fresh collaboration as the company looks to evolve as a top design, engineering, and build team.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our clients, partners, and supporters for accompanying us through a successful 2018, and wish you all the best going forth into 2019.

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