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April 8, 2020

Meaningful commercial real estate resources for the pandemic, including our City Sessions podcast, marketing recommendations, and remote work help.

Like you, our team at Authentic is reacting in real-time to assist our clients and partners impacted by this global pandemic.

Over the last few weeks, we've spoken to many others just like you and me, hearing (and sharing) stories with the aim of providing clarity to others going through similar situations.

We feel fortunate that our business has operated remotely for many years, and that we've been able to keep up with the fast-paced nature of work we're all experiencing. It's been a silver lining and a set of experiences that we want to share with you, too.

That said, take a look at the following resources we've put together you might find meaningful.

City Sessions: Covid-19

We launched a new mini-series for our Transforming Cities podcast called City Sessions. In this first series we're focusing on Covid-19 and the impact it's having across the real estate world.

We're talking to a variety of people and businesses, hearing their front-line stories and how they're reacting to these events.

    Managing CRE Communications

    We penned an article on managing communication during Covid-19, and steps people in the CRE space can take to stay proactive. You can find those recommendations here:

    Remote Work

    Inside our journal we've also published many articles on remote work over the year, and how we've implemented successfully both at Authentic and in our personal lives. You may find these especially helpful moving forward:

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