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August 17, 2020

Listen to Jonathan discuss his path to a New Urbanism awakening, along with his role in placemaking through Patronicity, a startup that uses crowdfunding and matching donations to impact communities.

On this episode I’m speaking with Jonathan Berk. Since 2016 he’s served as a Director at the Detroit based placemaking startup Patronicity, and their new Placemaking Advisory firm, Bench Consulting, supporting hundreds of community driven placemaking projects across the country.

Jonathan is also the co-founder of Retail Reimagined, an organization leveraging creative collaborations and innovative solutions to bring a new vibrancy to vacant storefront spaces and main streets.

Jonathan is a placemaker and New Urbanist in every sense of the word with a voracious appetite for studying and learning about new methods of community and economic development from around the world. His focus remains on building vibrant communities that foster connectivity and creativity and support a thriving, healthy downtown, small business ecosystem and community.

He currently sits on the local advisory board of Leading Cities, a global leader in Smart City solutions, city diplomacy and collaboration advancing sustainability and resilient city strategies and technologies.

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