Podcast: TikTok and the Multifamily Industry

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February 2, 2023

Listen to John discuss his journey into multifamily marketing and TikTok fame after dropping into the 2008 housing and financial crisis.

On this episode I’m speaking with John Gonzalez, VP of Marketing at ITEX.

Drawing from a wealth of experience in the multifamily industry, and with a focus on customer experience and branding, he’s played a key role in driving growth and success for companies such as Camden Property Trust and Leedo.

His current position at ITEX allows him to continue his passion for learning about AI and the content creator economy while driving marketing strategies that drive results.

In addition to his professional career, John also excels as a part-time content creator, having grown a following of over 300,000 people on TikTok.

He’s worked with major brands such as Proctor and Gamble, Franks Red Hot, Johnson & Johnson, Glad, and Febreze, showcasing his ability to create engaging and effective content for a wide range of audiences.

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