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February 18, 2020

The fourth season of the Transforming Cities commercial real estate and urban podcast is now live! You can find us on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, or your favorite podcast app!

With each subsequent season of Transforming Cities, we learn more and more about the stories shaping the built environment around us, and our fourth season was no exception. Some are starting to call us the best commercial real estate and urban design focused podcast out there! We appreciate our listener support!

Season 4 Details

Taking us through the turn of a new year, the guests of Season 4 represent thinkers, movers, and shakers from across the commercial real estate, architecture, development, and urban planning and community engagement fields.

Each guest provided their unique take on the urban world around us, and how their specific skillsets ensure that we are all building towards something better, more sustainable, and more thoughtful.

We're once again pleased to share this urban and real estate podcast with you, and encourage you to listen and follow along by subscribing and sharing to your colleagues. Without further delay, let's get to our latest guests!

Episode 19 – George Cutro & Chad Buch of JLL

George and Chad are the co-leaders of the Chicago Industrial Research Platform for JLL. Based in the company's global headquarters, they track the largest industrial market in the United States.

Episode 20 – Ujijji Davis

Ujijji is a Brooklyn born landscape architect and urban planner currently living in Detroit. There she focuses on landscape and urban design, master planning, and strategic implementation projects.

Episode 21 – Paul Hyde of Hyde Development

Paul is the CEO of Hyde Development, a family-owned commercial real estate developer and investor based in Minneapolis, MN. Paul and Mac Hyde co-founded Hyde Development in 2012 with a focus on urban redevelopment and brownfield sites.

Episode 22 – (Holiday Recap)

On this episode we shared some our of listener favorites from 2019 and looked ahead to the new year!

Episode 23 – Scott Arnoldy of Triten Real Estate Partners

Scott is the founder of Triten Real Estate Partners (TREP). Triten pursues flexible investment strategies that involve a high level of repositioning or development.

Episode 24 – Matthew Rosenberg of M-Rad

Matthew is the CEO and Design Director at M-Rad. At M-Rad, the business model surrounds his unique mission to revolutionize the architecture industry to resolve its inefficiencies by expanding the scope of the architect.

Episode 25 – Nicole Swerhun of Swerhun Inc.

Nicole is the Principal at Swerhun Inc. where she and her team specialize in public engagement for public projects by way of running processes that connect public feedback to the decisions made.

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