Our favorite podcasts that capture topics in commercial real estate, PropTech, smart cities, urban design, and more.

You can find podcasts that focus on one very niche topic, or you can find those that touch on a few aspects of the built environment around us. Our favorite podcasts do the latter, telling important personal stories, sharing professional anecdotes, and discussing the latest in CRE trends, PropTech technologies, and community engagement.

It doesn't matter if you're a developer, broker, architect, community planner, urban designer, public facilitator, smart city specialist, CRE venture capitalist, or related—these podcasts have something for you. Without further ado, let's get to our favorite 5 podcasts!

Podcast leading voices in realestate

1. Leading Voices in Real Estate

The Leading Voices in Real Estate podcast interviews some of the most successful, interesting, entrepreneurial people who shape our cities and the built environment. Now 4+ seasons in, we like that host Matt Slepin gets to the personal side, in addition to touching on career stories and advice. He aims to show case each guest's role in creating vibrant communities.

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Podcast technopolis

2. Technopolis by CityLab

A limited series podcast, CityLab's podcast Technopolis ran through much of 2019 and covered how technology is disrupting, remaking, and sometimes overrunning our cities. Hosted by Molly Turner and Jim Kapsis, the thoughtful episodes provided listeners a look at civic tech, community feedback, real estate and civic tech startups, and more.

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Podcast the urbanist monocle

3. Monocle 24: The Urbanist

As told by Monocle, The Urbanist's audience is made up of city mayors, urban planners and architects. The show aims to make better cities - be it new technology, state-of-the-art subways, or compact apartments. Follow Monocle 24: The Urbanist for unique stories about cities across the globe.

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Transforming Cities

4. Transforming Cities

We'd be remiss without mentioning the Transforming Cities podcast by Authentic Form & Function. Each episode is all about learning what inspires and motivates the unique voices across the urban landscape. And then, as listeners, applying valuable stories and lessons to our own work. Host Chris Arnold adds context through guests' upbringing, further adding flavor to the main course that arrives during each episode.

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Podcast architecture is political

5. Architecture is Political

Relatively new to the scene, Architecture is Political was created by Melissa Daniel to rediscover why she went into architecture in the first place. And for her, it's where "black and brown folks have a conversation about architecture." She investigates topics and interviews various architectural professionals, planners and experts. We're excited to see where she heads!

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More Top Real Estate, Architecture, Civic Podcasts

Are there other great podcasts we should consider for the list? Important conversations we should be listening to? Perhaps a guest we should have on the Transforming Cities podcast? Let us know! Email us at podcast@authenticff.com.

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