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Things We're Still Figuring Out

Feb 2015

Earlier this month Bryant and I had the pleasure to speak with two Denver groups on the topic of the things we’re still figuring out. The spectrum of highs and lows that growing businesses and business owners face as they evolve over time—as individuals and as a collective unit.

The opportunities to speak at AIGA Colorado (CO Springs) and Refresh Denver weren’t taken lightly, and the chance to speak openly and vulnerably to great people was welcomed.

During each presentation we provided somewhat of a non-traditional venue for sharing ideas and learning through all of our experiences as one: questions were welcomed from the beginning, and not one ask was a “bad” question. Our topics ranged from experiences with project pricing and best practices, to collaborating with other agencies, to building and thriving within a remote team.

In an effort to keep the sharing and educating alive, we’ve made our presentation deck available to other entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives alike knowing that if it only reaches one person in a positive way, we’ll be genuinely thankful. Take a look at the Things We’re Still Figuring Out presentation on Slideshare via the link below.

Authentic Form & Function on Slideshare

We welcome your questions and comments, and encourage open collaboration in an effort to elevate everyone to another level. Taking our craft and business acumen above and beyond doesn’t happen overnight, and certainly not while residing in a silo.

Chris Arnold Partner / Design Lead

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