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Experience AR

Elevate your project with a smarter digital rollout.


Show people how they'll live, work, and use your space before ground is broken.

Experience AR brings the latest in Augmented Reality technology into your project.

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Experience your project before breaking ground

Stop explaining and start showing people what makes your project special.

No matter the project, explaining the unique details of your project is a challenge. Experience AR gives you the power to put people inside your project, and let them see these qualities for themselves. Even before you've started construction.

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Build excitement that accelerates leasing

The earlier you can show tenants the final build out, the earlier you can start the leasing process.

Experience AR gives you the ability to show photo-realistic renderings and architectural models, giving potential tenants a view into the final space.

How it works

Using the latest in Augmented Reality technology, Experience AR gives users the ability to explore 3D Models and renderings of your project. 

Experience AR takes the same architectural renderings you're already creating for your project, and repurposes them for use inside the app. It brings the "virtual experience" you've seen in your architect's office, and makes it accessible to anyone with a mobile device.

Experience AR provides a new way for you to showcase your project to investors, stakeholders, the community; and helps you build support and create excitement for your project.

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Use existing assets

Existing assets from Sketchup, Revvit, and Autodesk can be repurposed and shown within the app.

Easy Updates

Built on a powerful content management system, new experiences can be created and updated on demand.

Available on iPhones and iPads

Experience AR is available both on iPhones and iPads. Android devices coming soon.

Integration with Amplify

Experience AR integrates closely with our Amplify platform. A single platform for everything.

Rendering Support

Need help with your architectural models? We offer modeling and rendering help to take your assets to the next level.


Transparent Pricing

We believe innovation should be accessible to projects of all types and budgets. Amplify projects start at $7,500, with discounts available for multi-site engagements.

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