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City of Broomfield

A metro-Denver city takes cutting edge steps to bring education and map data to its residents.

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  • Photography
Broomfield Left
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The Challenge

The City of Broomfield, Colorado came to us with the need to provide access to their large database of parks, open spaces, and trails systems. Because the data set was so robust, app-like products were needed to leverage mapping tools in order to best serve the information. 

The Challenge
Broomfield Parks
Broomfield Modals


Broomfield needed a team to advise not only on user interactions with these pieces of data, but also to lead potential solutions from a design, development, and maintenance perspective. They required an optimal way to capture and display specific information quickly.

Broomfield Locations

Interface Design

We researched and designed multiple scenarios using the ESRI mapping backend while discussing the best ways to deliver data to its residents for fast exploration.

Each app's interface needed to tell a simple story, one that led a user through the experience while the backend structure served large quantities of content quickly.

Broomfield App

Project Recap

We've taken Broomfield's multitude of data points and created manageable mapping systems and parks-focused platforms for its residents. From concept through an eventual large scale execution, we pave the way by providing much needed strategy, design leadership, and technical guidance.

Broomfield Photos


We continue to partner with the Broomfield GIS Department on a number of private and public facing projects, advising on both design and development solutions for their evolving needs, including custom photography when required for various applications.

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