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Safia is the Marketing Services Director at Authentic


Safia Kerr’s journey began in Egypt, where she spent her early years before moving to Kansas City. As a third-culture kid who has moved over 35 times, Safia developed a unique ability to immerse herself in the story of a place, capturing its essence and conveying the feeling of being there.

With over a decade of experience in the commercial real estate industry, Safia has brought her energy and expertise to transforming stagnant data into visually captivating marketing material.

Leveraging her passion for maps and drones, she offers a fresh, bird’s-eye perspective that sets her work apart. Her impressive track record includes successfully marketing over $8 billion worth of multifamily properties.

Driven by her desire to disrupt the way real estate is marketed and go above and beyond industry standards, Safia joined Authentic. Here, she continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in real estate marketing.

When not immersed in marketing, Safia embraces her love for the outdoors, often accompanied by her loyal companion, Leo. From exploring new places with her drone and paddleboarding to card designing, she leads an active lifestyle that reflects her adventurous spirit.


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Plant Life
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