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We’re the digital team for your next urban project

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We offer design and technology services along with a suite of digital tools, built specifically for urban projects.

We believe innovations in design and technology can transform the way we plan and use the built environment.

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Real Estate

Developers, architects, placemakers, management groups, hospitality

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Design Firms

Designers, urban planners, landscape architects, engineering firms

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Public Spaces

Parks departments, land trusts, infrastructure reuse

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Civic Organizations

Federal agencies, state agencies, local government entities

Tools and creative services for all urban projects.

Authentic F&F is a digital studio helping developers, architects, planners, and designers launch innovative urban projects.

Our services combine broad technical capabilities with a diligent creative process. Having previously worked across industries, we now focus exclusively in the urban space where we believe the biggest impact can be made.

We're not a one-trick pony. We offer a dynamic team able to  assist with all types of digital projects: websites, apps, e-commerce, and custom builds.

We've created a comprehensive digital toolset providing your project everything it needs for success online.

These four tools lay the foundation for your project's digital strategy. They help you promote your vision, move through approvals, connect with your community, and build excitement for opening.

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Showcase your vision, with confidence.

Boutique quality design meets affordable-and powerful–technology for urban projects.

Land meetings, impress investors, and build early momentum when you launch a uniquely branded site for your project. Ditch the email attachments and PDFs and deliver a digital experience that brings your concept to life.

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Experience your project before breaking ground.

Augmented Reality is revolutionizing the way we interact with our environment.

Use AR to explore 3D Models, view photo-realistic renderings of your project, and create excitement with interactive art installations.


Working with the best and brightest in the urban space

We're a team of designers and technologists who work with organizations–both public and private–to help you improve the urban experience.


Don’t fall behind.

Schedule a risk-free Project Teardown where we provide you with a critical review of your current strategy, and discover where you could be falling short.

Our Teardown covers all aspects of your digital strategy and outlines ways you can improve and innovate your project.

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Our Mission

Urban life is rapidly transforming as people around the world flock to cities. By 2025, more than 3 out of 4 people will live in an urban area.

This population boom comes with a new challenge: serving an urban population that increasingly expects to access city information, services and resources online.

With more than 90% of urban-dwellers in the U.S. connecting online through their mobile devices, it’s time to rethink the way we meet the needs of urban residents.

At Authentic Form & Function, we’re on a mission to make urban life more connected and user-friendly. We're a team of product designers who work with both public and private sector organizations to help you build the digital strategy behind your next urban project.  


We're a team of product designers who work with both public and private sector organizations to help you build the digital strategy behind your next urban project.  

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