We’re the digital team for your next urban project.

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We offer design and technology services along with digital tools, built specifically for urban projects.

We believe innovations in design and technology can transform the way we plan and use the built environment.

Building cre


Developers, placemakers, brokers, property management

Building design


Architects, designers, urban planners, landscape architects

Building parks


Smart city groups, parks departments, land trusts, infrastructure reuse

Building civic


Federal agencies, state agencies, local government entities

Architecture Design
AR Real Estate Tools

Tools and creative services for all urban projects.


Amplify is our comprehensive digital platform that provides your project with everything it needs for success online.

Amplify is the core of your project's digital strategy. It helps you promote your project, move through approvals, connect with your community, and build excitement for opening.

It’s priced between the “cheap” Squarespace site and a fully custom “50k” agency-built website.

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We’re also a digital team helping developers, architects, planners, and designers launch innovative urban projects.

We can assist with any web needs: custom websites, apps, e-commerce, and everything in between that has to do with the web.

Your project may also require branding, photography, drone work, mixed reality, or various forms of digital marketing. We can help!

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Learn from the people transforming our cities.

Transforming Cities is our podcast dedicated to hearing and learning from the brightest minds in the urban space.

We talk to developers, designers, planners, and entrepreneurs on their unique story, and the way they are shaping our next generation of cities.

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Working with the best and brightest in real estate.


Transparent Pricing

Our Amplify platform was built with clear and consistent pricing in mind. Share some basic information with us to get a quick estimate tailored for your specific project.

Have multiple properties or work as a franchise? We also offer discounts for multi-site or multi-project engagements!

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Our Mission

Urban life is rapidly transforming as people around the world flock to cities. By 2025, more than 3 out of 4 people will live in an urban area.

This population boom comes with a new challenge: serving an urban population that increasingly expects to access city information, services and resources online.

With more than 90% of urban-dwellers in the U.S. connecting online through their mobile devices, it’s time to rethink the way we meet the needs of urban residents.

At Authentic Form & Function, we’re on a mission to make urban life more connected and user-friendly. We're a team of product designers who work with both public and private sector organizations to help you build the digital strategy behind your next urban project.


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