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A multifamily brand that brought luxury to life.

We crafted a resonant luxury brand that captures the lifestyle specific to this charming lakeside town in Minnesota.

A rare opportunity for the developer and residents alike.

Known for its charming downtown and its beautiful location on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, Excelsior has seen very few—if any—new Class A residential developments in the last 50 years.


Brand Development
Onsite Signage
Splash Website
Property Marketing Site
Leasing Collateral
Email Marketing

Over 400 Organic Leads Generated for Pre-leasing
% of Units Reserved Before Pre-leasing Began


One West Drive capitalizes on the demand for new, high-quality housing by providing luxurious new apartments and townhomes in the heart of downtown Excelsior. As such, it needed a brand that would represent the unique opportunity.

With this project, it wasn’t about simply showcasing units and finishes—although well-known local architects and designers were employed to ensure that the development was both functional and beautiful. It was about capturing a specific lifestyle.

Our Approach

First, we created a brand that spoke to the promise of One West Drive. It was lush, vibrant, and urban… yet still centered. With a sophisticated color palette and elegant lifestyle photography, the brand conjured true luxury.

We wanted residents to imagine the epitome of a lakeside lifestyle, where each day feels almost like its own special getaway. That philosophy guided our production of marketing collateral, on-site signage, and a splash website.

What Happened

One West Drive was able to effectively communicate its vision, pre-leasing more than half of its units before even breaking ground on construction.

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