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August 4, 2017

One of the most important aspects of any digital project is often the most overlooked: creating a trusted and transparent partnership.

Too many digital agencies and clients speed through the initial relationship building aspect of a project in a rush to get into the exciting design and development work.

While the actual creative work is important, a focus on building a trusting client-agency relationship early on ensures the process for creating the best work possible is in place, and helps establish a long term successful relationship.


Digital projects are truly born during the initial, relationship building stages between agency and partner.

  • It’s where we dive deep into goals, strategy, outcomes, and benefits, and not just budget and timeline - because those constraints don’t provide nearly enough information to build a digital strategy that will successfully connect you with your audience.
  • It’s where we build an understanding of the best way of working together and create a fluid process for bringing your project to life.
  • It’s where we begin to turn your idea into a valuable investment.

Successful partnerships start with two things:

  • Transparency
  • Communication

These key aspects influence every single suggestion or decision we make.

Without transparency and communication, neither party in the relationship will be able to fully embrace the digital project for all the potential it has. They’re what turn our agency-client relationship into a rewarding and fruitful partnership.

Forming a Transparent Partnership

Before getting into the creative work of a digital project, a rock-solid foundation must to be built.

Not surprisingly, an open, honest, and clear understanding of project guidelines is what best accomplishes this base. Encompassing things like timeline, budget, and expectations with transparency is critical.

It also helps us determine whether or not we’re the perfect team for your digital project - the importance of which can’t be stressed enough.

We hold our commitment to transparency close to our hearts. We won’t just sit back and tell you how great we are because we’re not great for everyone. We’re only great when we’re the right fit, and that includes both agency and partner.

The needs of both sides of the relationship are important. While we need to know where your project priorities lie, you need to know how our skills can or can’t address your goals and visions.

Valuing clarity from the start creates an entirely new project atmosphere - one where you aren’t left with questions or concerns, and one where we can confidently turn your ideas into reality.

It’s with this mutual trust that we can move forward with a partnership.

Creating Communication

During the initial stages of any project, the number one goal is not just for agency and client to be on the same page, but to be on the exact same letter of the same word, sentence, and paragraph of that page.

The first step in achieving this goal is to develop a deep understanding of your project needs, including every nuance and vision, no matter how small or large, through collaborative communication.

The best way to accomplish this is through a series of steps, going from initial point of contact, to additional information gathering, to complete project scope calls, and even in-person “discovery sessions” where needed (when phone calls simply won’t do your digital project justice).

Why This is a Difference Maker

While we could simply create a website or platform that covers all your bases - one that serves its main core purpose and nothing else - the bare minimum won’t help you achieve your broad-scale visions and goals.

To genuinely connect with your audience, you need a powerful digital strategy that conveys exactly who you are and how you serve them.

Just as you make decisions based on emotions or “gut feelings,” so too do your readers, viewers, customers, and communities, which is why your project can’t simply serve its basic purpose. It has to fully encompass who you are and how you help.

Which leads back to communication.

At the core, we want to figure out how your digital project will best serve your company, brand, or organization. Beyond that, we strive to discover the hidden intricacies and details that will take your project even further than imagined.

Without deep communication and consulting, your investment could easily end up dry and outdated, putting you right back in the same place you started. Open and extensive dialogue is the crux to initial project success and should never be sacrificed on.

Step into Your Next Project with a Strong Foundation

Delving into a digital project and creating a thoughtful strategy is an extensive undertaking. The various aspects and elements of each can truly be limitless. To ensure a valuable outcome, your investment needs to be smart, well thought-out, and strategic, none of which are possible without complete transparency and collaborative communication.

Our advice? Form a solid partnership and foundation for your next project, and move forward from there. The entire shape and feel of your vision will then take form.

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