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May 12, 2023

Authentic teamed up with an innovative Minneapolis home-builder to create a unique and magnetic brand.

True sustainability, unparalleled performance

Eco-friendly homes are sometimes thought of as “function over form,” sacrificing comfort and aesthetics for the purpose of reducing ecological impact. Sustainable 9’s attractive modern homes prove otherwise—that incredible design and high performance can comfortably coexist.

Based out of Minneapolis, MN, Sustainable 9 has spent nearly the last two decades developing some of the city’s most beautiful homes. Through a combination of inspired design, airtight engineering, and true passion, they’ve earned a reputation as industry leaders in sustainable development.

S9 homes have been featured in Dwell, Midwest Home, Southwest Connector, and other prominent publications. You can also explore a full portfolio on their new website.

The story of Sustainable 9

Sustainable 9’s founder, Chad Hanson, had already cut his teeth in real estate before the market crash in 2008. He noticed a surprising gap in the market—almost no one was building high-quality homes with a focus on sustainability.

Despite the economic headwinds at the time, he decided to forge ahead with filling that gap.

From the very beginning, Sustainable 9 has focused on modern design, artisanal craftsmanship, and genuine sustainability. Each home is constructed using materials hand-selected for their uncompromising quality and ethical origins.

Chad wanted to go beyond “greenwashing” and surface-level marketing tactics to do something truly unique—he even lives in a home built by Sustainable 9, which he happily shows off to anyone interested. He eventually brought in his brother, Ryan Hanson, to help oversee the thriving company, which is now coming up on 20 years of creativity, collaboration, and growth.

A company driven by its core values

Sustainability: We prioritize efficiency in every detail, proudly doing our part to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint.

    Modern Design: We combine simplicity with complexity, form with function, and carefully craft the perfect home for our clients.

    Innovation: We build tomorrow’s homes today while thoughtfully meeting our clients’ needs and elevating their lives with a well-crafted space.

    Quality: We believe that great materials demand excellent artisans, which is why our staff and trade partners are highly-educated, detail-oriented experts at their crafts.

      High standards, from start to finish

      Building a high-performance home is a complicated process. Sustainable 9 helps clients navigate the full breadth of the process, from permitting to interior design. Their team employs a trustworthy team of experts and craftsmen, and they also have a distinct architectural partner in Unfold, a tech-forward firm rooted in great design.

      And while Sustainable 9 is best known for single-family housing, their work doesn’t stop there. They’ve also brought their commitment to quality and their innovative approach to sustainability to multifamily, commercial, and mixed-use spaces.

      Our partnership with Sustainable 9

      It’s clear that Sustainable 9 is an industry leader in developing high-performance homes, but they felt that their previous branding didn’t communicate the elegance and expertise on offer. They also wanted a website that offered a smoother user experience, better SEO optimization, and stronger performance.

      They partnered with our team at Authentic for a brand refresh, a renewed content strategy, and the design and buildout of a whole new website—which has now officially launched.

      “Working with Authentic was perfect. We loved the video walk–throughs especially when looking a website designs, branding, etc. Everything was fantastic.”
      Nataliya Becerra, Marketing Specialist at Sustainable 9

      If you’re searching for a high-performance home that’s completely personalized and truly sustainable, don’t hesitate to contact the Sustainable 9 team. We loved working with them, and we’re sure you will, too.

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