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Mac is a Senior Designer at Authentic


Growing up in a vacation town on Cape Cod, Massachusetts—raised by talented, hardworking, and creative parents—MacKenzie was desperate to find a passion of her own. After giving serious consideration to the pursuit of photography, she wound up at a small school outside of Philadelphia studying Literature and Education. Knowing that wasn’t her true path, she got a job working at a Landscape Design Firm where she was given the freedom to use her strengths to help the company in whatever way she saw fit. That’s when she fell in love with design and never looked back.

While working for the landscape design firm, MacKenzie became a self-taught freelance brand and web designer over the course of five years. She realized she was ready to broaden her design experience and education before finding Authentic.

When she’s not designing, MacKenzie loves being outdoors with her dog, Indie, snowboarding, tennis, and travel. Back in the Fall of 2019 she put 14,000 miles on her Honda Fit during her two-month long solo road trip.


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