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Melody is the Creative Director at Authentic


Growing up in Milwaukee, Melody's love for design was sparked by how people share their culture through experiences, cuisine, music, and art.

After living in Chicago to attend art school, she finished her dual BFA in Milwaukee and started her career as a screen-printing and studio educator at a museum of innovation.

Since then, Melody has worked as a hospitality and real-estate specialized designer for ten years. She finds the most exciting and meaningful part of her work in the relationships and communities that evolve from a successful project. She is always on the lookout for ways to share a story and build a beautiful brand system, unique touchpoints, or environmental and interior design.

She finds great inspiration from the artistic and creative world around her. After she bought her first cassette tape at a rummage sale just because of the album artwork, a love for design and perfectly orchestrated vibes was ignited and continues to light her life through music, travel, cooking, and thrifting.

There is nothing Melody loves more than an evening with new music, good people, great food, and special connections.


Food & Beverage
Experiential Design
Architecture and Interior Design
Fine Art

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