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Tori is the Growth Content Manager at Authentic


Tori grew up the daughter of two hard-working business owners and comes from a Military family. She had big shoes to fill from an early age but was always more of a creative and less of a cadet.

She wound up at a small university in Cleveland, Ohio, and worked hard to make ends meet while she studied. She sought a leasing and marketing position at a student housing property that offered rent discounts, and like all great loves, real estate crept up on her when she least expected it, and she was hooked.

Tori bloomed as a leasing and marketing manager at CEDARst Companies, where she was empowered to leverage her MarCom talents and contribute to the company's success for her lease-up properties and across the portfolio during a time of growth.

She has award-winning experience in marketing and sales enablement for student housing, market rate, and above-market rate assets. Her expertise ranges from creating compelling content to carefully planning and executing comprehensive marketing strategies.

Now residing on the East Coast, you can find her with her two dogs, Tuck and Bo, whom she is convinced would make great mascots for a coffee truck one day. Tori also enjoys photography and is an active member of Historic Annapolis.


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