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February 28, 2022

A property website should deliver a captivating and seamless user experience that accelerates leasing and also integrates with your property management software. But how do you get all this without breaking the bank? This is where Amplify comes into play.

In today’s digital-first world your property website is more important than ever. Often, it's your first and greatest opportunity to tell the story of your project and capture the interest of prospective tenants. It is truly the cornerstone of your property marketing strategy.

While digital marketing and leasing efforts have been in play for some time, they have become essential since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, customers simply expect more from their online interactions.

Amplify is Authentic’s award-winning platform for property websites that blends custom design with unique leasing tools crafted specifically for real estate’s digital age. Here, we’ll dive into a few of the features that make Amplify unique and how it can turn your property website into a marketing powerhouse.

Specifically designed for property marketing

Amplify goes far beyond your basic brochure site with unique tools specially designed for property marketing needs.

Floorplan selector
The custom floorplan selector allows future residents to browse a variety of units at once. A viewer can easily discern availability and access unit information in an interactive quick view modal with unit images, specs, and pricing. With embedded interest forms, you can capture a prospect’s interest when they’re most engaged.

Clients who have adopted the floorplan selector have seen improvement in a user’s apartment search experience, resulting in increased session duration on the website and an organic boost to the site’s SEO.

Leasing widgets
Catch your visitor's attention and capture their interest with leasing widgets throughout your property site.

These tasteful pop-ups go beyond standard features and can incorporate advanced functionality including video loops, direct tour scheduling with a leasing agent, current availability displays, pricing specials, and more.

Form integration
Whether you’re collecting RSVPs for an open house or capturing leads from your site, Amplify can seamlessly feed form submissions to your current CRM or third-party tools. No more copying data from one platform to another, your leasing team can focus on what they do best — leasing apartments.

Information collected on the site can be utilized for personalized retargeted marketing efforts. Whether your prospect is interested in a studio apartment or a townhome, send automatic follow-up messaging that is customized to their wants and needs. This hands-off automation can help your team start the application process sooner, resulting in an accelerated digital leasing workflow.

Interactive maps
Showcase your project at its best with Amplify’s sophisticated mapping tools. Add custom markers to pinpoint special features, highlight stats, link to resources, and display photography and video in a unique and interactive experience.

Seamless software integration
Connect with ease to your existing property management system to sync building information to your website. Amplify works with popular management tools like Appfolio, Yardi, and Rent Cafe to seamlessly display availability, prices, images, videos, and descriptions — all without needing to keep up with content updates across various platforms.

A custom digital experience

Don't settle for stale forgetful design and pre-built templates. Get a stunning property website without spending your entire marketing budget.

A custom approach
Amplify allows us to create best-in-class websites designed from the ground up that can be customized to the unique needs of your brand and content. Other platforms tend to pigeonhole a site’s design and experience. But with Amplify you get top-notch design, integration with your existing systems, functionality specific to property marketing, and better SEO performance.

From groundbreaking to stabilization
We understand that every stage of your project has different needs. From a splash page to the lease-up phase and on to stabilization, Amplify can adapt to a project’s requirements through every step of the process.

All the technology, without all the cost
With Amplify, you'll have a uniquely designed on-brand website at a fraction of the cost of a traditional "custom" website. And, our real-estate-focused features and technology go far beyond the capabilities of a generic website builder. You're getting the best of both worlds — boutique design at a cost-effective price point.

The foundation of your digital strategy

Your website is the center point of your property marketing, and Amplify includes the foundational building blocks essential to a thriving digital presence. We've got you covered with all the details.

Hosting and support
Don’t sweat the technical stuff. Every Amplify package includes hosting and monitoring to keep your site operating at the highest level. Our expert team is here for support if any outages or bugs arise.

Our industry-leading SEO efforts include initiatives crucial to the success of a contemporary website. We’ve optimized every Amplify site from a technical standpoint for better performance across organic search, marketing initiatives, and your user’s experience.

Analytics & reporting
Sure, analytics are great, but what do they tell us about the bigger picture? We’ll help you to decipher the data behind your site. Discover insights about your user’s behavior, track conversions, and capture touchpoints throughout all your marketing campaigns.

    We want to hear from you! If you’re looking to turn your next website into a property marketing powerhouse — let’s talk.

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