Commercial Real Estate

Design and technology in the commercial real estate space.

How is commercial real estate changing in the digital era? Here we explore the trends and topics we see as the most important.

Lease up rent faster

5 Ways to Lease Up a Development Faster

Commercial Real Estate

Every developer and owner/operator wants to see an immediate return on investment when a building goes online. In this article, I'll touch on the top 5 ways you can be on your way to a property marketing plan that results in profits for your project.

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Millenial Workspace 1

What Do Millennials Want in an Office?

Commercial Real Estate

The landscape of traditional office spaces has changed as younger generations have matured in the job market.

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Ascender 1 1 2

3 Big Problems with Your Multifamily Website

Digital Marketing

In this article we'll outline 3 ways your project website can add value to your apartment project by being used as a dynamic marketing tool.

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Growth and Evolving Trends in Industrial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow at a steady rate, industrial real estate has evolved with it. The sector of real estate that some once considered less glamorous than retail or office has emerged as a stronghold in the world of development and investment.

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