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Creating a brand based on warmth and wellness.

The reunification of Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis represents a symbolic rebirth in the local community. With its forward-thinking yet deeply rooted brand, Akin embodies a rekindled sense of community, connectivity, and wellness.

Revitalizing a historic neighborhood.

The Nicollet Corridor in Minneapolis is an up-and-coming area that features colorful local and restaurants. As new development reunites historic Nicollet Ave, Akin offers a phenomenal location in addition to a community-first attitude. It needed a brand that would convey hospitality, homeliness, comfort, and compassion.


Brand development
Marketing strategy
Fence wraps & signage
Property renderings
Custom website
Search engine optimization
Leasing collateral
Drone footage
Lease-up marketing
Social media management
Email marketing

Akin brand guidelines 2


Because Akin provides thoughtful, quality apartments for a younger demographic that places a high premium on both mental and physical wellness, we wanted to craft a brand identity that would elevate the property and capture its trademark warmth without making it seem unattainable.

Communicating a sense of personality is key to breathing life into a brand, so in addition to making Akin visually unique, we also wanted to give it a powerful sense of voice. Our goal was to do more than just sell prospects on a certain lifestyle—we wanted them to feel the sense of peace and tranquility that only exists at home.

Akin stationery
Akin web mobile 1
Akin photography 6

Our Approach

With the Gen Z audience and the focus on wellness in mind, we developed a brand system that contoured to Akin’s unique offering. The property’s soothing color palette incorporates neutral tones in addition to rich greens, while messaging is vivid and personal. Because younger demographics prefer brands with a purpose, we put Akin’s mission at the forefront of its brand.

We then leveraged traditional brand awareness tactics, like on-site signage, while also incorporating digital ads and lead flow automation into the website. By beginning to build a list of interested prospects, we could then take advantage of email nurture campaigns and empower Akin’s leasing team to fill the property faster.

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Akin web desktop 2
Akin web mobile 2
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What Happened

After facing early difficulties with lead generation and leasing, Akin allowed us to ramp up digital marketing efforts with ads and email marketing.

Akin bus stop ad
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Akin web desktop 1
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Akin digital ads
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