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Branding vibrant multifamily in South Salt Lake City.

Bowers represents a transformative urban destination with thoughtfully-designed residences for the sophisticated city dweller. It's the flagship property of the up-and-coming South City district.

Digital marketing for a property and a place.

Located in up-and-coming South Salt Lake, Bowers Residences is part of a wave of exciting new redevelopment that’s reclaiming industrial areas of the city. As one of the flagship properties for the new South City District, Bowers needs to rise to the occasion and genuinely embody the identity of the new district such that both the property and the neighborhood benefit.


Identity Development
Brand Design
Signage Design
Property Website
Leasing Collateral

The Objective

As the flagship property of the new South City District, Bowers Residences needed a brand that would do more than connect with prospects. It needed to build a bridge with the community and encapsulate the lifestyle of the new neighborhood.

Bowers represented a 236-unit multifamily project and a huge opportunity for the city. We jointly developed the identity, branding, and marketing strategy for both Bowers Residences and the new South City District.

While developing a brand identity for a new district can be a challenge, it’s an investment that pays dividends into each project that comes afterwards. By unifying the visual and emotional aesthetic of the neighborhood, the South City District will be able to curate a remarkable brand experience that bridges both physical space and distinct asset types.

Our Approach

Our team rose to this unique challenge by leaning on creativity, diligent research, and placemaking. We conjured the South City District’s industrial past by introducing metallic tones to the color palette, but used contemporary fonts, fashionable patterns, and sleek creative assets to inject the brand with a modern sensibility.

The stylized brand work translated beautifully into physical assets like on-site signage and leasing collateral. It contoured to the industrial vibe of the neighborhood while also elevating the new district with an unmistakable implication of glamor and class.

We also applied the brand identity to Bowers Residences’ online presence, first developing a compact splash page to capture early leads and then building out a full site complete with branded design elements, tailored messaging, and elegant marketing automations.

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