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A varsity brand and a rapid lease-up for student housing.

Despite a difficult lease-up environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we achieved 92% pre-leased occupancy for Doyle. It's now poised to embody its brand as the most dynamic student living in Dinkytown.

A boutique property with tomorrow's students in mind.

Our team jumped into project after initial name and brand was established, then made updates to invigorate and finalize that initial direction. We quickly moved into brand activation, digital and experiential marketing, paid search, and paid social campaigns.


Branding Development
Brand Activation Strategy
Marketing Collateral
Web Design
Web Development
Paid Search & Social
Experiential Marketing

Leases Signed
On-Site Tours Needed
% Occupancy at Open

The Objective

With an opening date just before the start of the fall courses, Doyle needed to pre-lease as many units as possible. Unlike traditional multifamily, student-focused leasing is hyperfocused on community-specific dates and deadlines—the beginning of the spring and fall semesters are when students matriculate, transfer, and hunt for housing.

Students are looking for an experience and a lifestyle. We needed to connect with them by crafting a brand that distinguished Doyle from the competition and aligned with their values.

If Doyle was both an easy choice and an uncomplicated one, lease-up would proceed quickly. To get 240 student leases signed before the semester started, we needed to combine modern technology, smart digital marketing, and tailored branding.

Our Approach

From the very beginning, we were focused on Doyle’s target market. The brand we created was modern and emotive, the logo designed with a touch of varsity-jacket nostalgia. We embraced social living, furnished apartments, and eco-friendly features as value propositions. Our brand messaging leveraged emojis and fun, casual language.

Using this personality-forward approach, we built out early brand collateral and integrated it with a polished digital presence. We introduced marketing automations, high-quality renderings, and real-time availability trackers to make the experience simple and seamless.

As opening day approached, our lease-up marketing efforts spanned social media, paid media, email marketing, and outreach to UMN. This coordinated multichannel digital strategy effectively propelled strong pre-leasing engagement, preparing Doyle to take on its first semester.

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