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Senior living meets modern marketing.

Our job was to help Priya Living scale rapidly and effectively from its humble beginnings as a passion project to a recognizable national brand.

From a single location to scaling nationally.

Priya Living came to us with lofty goals. First off, they wanted to prepare their company for a focused 5-year growth strategy with an emphasis on national brand awareness.

Secondly, they needed a robust digital marketing package that would allow them to engage their ideal tenants across multiple markets and easily navigate lease-up.


Identity & Brand Design
Brand Book Development
Sales Office Design
Exterior & Interior Signage
Leasing Collateral
Web Strategy
Web Design
Web Development
Digital Leasing Tools

New Top-Ranking Organic Keywords
% Increase in Organic Search Performance
% Decrease In Bounce Rate
% Increase in Leasing Conversions

The Objective

Priya Living developed an early foothold in the Bay Area market. After securing investment from Welltower, one of the largest REITs in the world, they were on a mission to go global.

We needed to create and implement a scalable marketing strategy that would reach communities of color throughout the nation—communities that were often excluded from traditional senior living solutions.

In addition to getting Priya’s message out to prospective tenants, our branding and marketing strategy needed to overcome prospects’ reservations about senior living and encapsulate Priya’s mission of honoring their stories and identities.

Our Approach

The first step of our process was refreshing Priya Living’s brand identity.

We wanted Priya to come across as a vibrant community and a wonderful new home, not as the solution to a problem, so we leaned on a bright color palette, incorporated quirky patterns, and kept the mood of our communications light. The result was a distinct and inviting brand that was visually eye-catching and emotionally expressive.

To help Priya bring this new brand to life, we created brand standards to outline how the brand should be communicated throughout each customer touchpoint. We also gave the brand additional texture by bringing unique sub-brands to local markets, speaking to specific communities in tandem with localized SEO strategies.

In addition to branding, we helped brighten Priya Living’s spaces with wayfinding, equipped them with digital leasing tools, and made other functional improvements to their process. We also spent 8 months as a one-stop marketing and design shop while they continued to scale.

The Result

An overhauled website resulted in significantly deeper visitor engagement. Priya saw enormous gains in organic traffic, keyword rankings, and leasing conversions nearly doubled.

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