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Marketing a Class A multifamily property from start to finish.

Riley presented an opportunity for us to do what we’re best at: managing a soup-to-nuts property marketing process, starting with brand identity and continuing on through lease-up.

Fast leasing through great brand work.

As demand for urban housing increases, residents are looking for new options. Riley brought a Class A property to a prime location in a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis, but it needed strong branding and an effective lease-up marketing strategy to stand out as an elegant lifestyle choice in an area without much new Class A housing.


Brand Design
Signage Design
Property Website
Leasing Collateral
Paid Search & Social
Organic Social Marketing
Lead Generation

Preleasing Leads
% Leased at Opening
% Leased in 5 Months
Months Ahead in Stabilization

The Obective

We wanted to make Riley resonate with the aspirational lifestyle of a millennial and Gen Z audience by harnessing an elevated, bespoke brand, and by deploying an online-focused strategy that would connect with digital natives.

Our earliest brand activation efforts involved creating a website splash page complete with marketing automations to help build a connection early leads.

As Riley prepared for pre-leasing, we planned to roll out a beautiful full website and managed paid media campaigns to capitalize on early brand awareness efforts and help the property stabilize quickly.

Our Approach

We crafted a sophisticated and contemporary identity for Riley, then translated that vision into on-site collateral during construction. We incorporated QR codes and SMS marketing automation into each piece of branded collateral, plus developed an early web presence for Riley using our very own purpose-built website platform.

For Riley’s full site, our proprietary proptech tools enabled us to easily build out floor plan selectors and showcase live availability data.

Paired with a robust paid media strategy, the seamless experience offered by Riley’s website made it easy for young audiences to find an apartment that fit their needs, explore their options, and lease.

The result of our long-term marketing engagement was a rapid lease-up that beat the anticipated stabilization schedule by a whopping 3 months.

The Result

Riley stabilized months ahead of schedule, and expedited leasing allowed the developer to increase rents 3x over the course of lease-up.

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