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Bringing a slice of Hollywood to Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

ITEX had a bold and daring vision to establish a master-planned, mixed-use development as the nation’s first “entertainment neighborhood.”

Lights, camera, lease!

Fayetteville is a fast-growing market that has become popular with a broad range of audiences. The Aronson represented a prime market opportunity… a neighborhood of build-to-rent homes with Alamo Drafthouse as an anchor tenant.


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Located on the site of an old drive-in movie theater and with Alamo Drafthouse as an anchor tenant, this development promises a unique balance of entertainment and livability. We wanted to capture that while also showcasing the high quality of the project.

Cinema was at the heart of our brand strategy. Movie magic offered wide appeal to a diverse audience of students, families, weekenders, and professionals, while also giving us the opportunity to create something unique and compelling.

Our Approach

The Aronson’s brand captures the nostalgia of old-school cinema, which appeals to Gen Xers and older, while a hint of varsity vibes captures the attention of students and younger audiences. The messaging, meanwhile, reminds fans of classic films and iconic quotes.

We paired vintage themes with a warm neutral color palette that would conjure both modernity and quality. With its strong brand identity system in place, The Aronson has been able to take part in powerful brand activation efforts like Hollywood film premiers.

What Happened

The Aronson was able to showcase its name and logo at movie premieres alongside Hollywood stars like Keri Russell and Margo Martindale.

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