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A platform that is part startup, part proptech, all with custom features.

A startup that follows new real estate development in the Twin Cities found itself growing, scaling, and needing to consolidate platforms. They turned to us for help.

A comprehensive view of local real estate development.

Headquartered in the Twin Cities, TDT tracks everything from the residential complex being built down the block, to the 40-story building that will soon tower over Downtown. They also track local retailers, restaurants, and national chains. It was created in response to the question, "What's being built there?"

We came on board to completely overhaul the website experience, interactive mapping tool, and the greater content management system as a whole. After helping the team port over years of content from a clunky Squarespace site, we launched with great anticipation to an eager audience across Minnesota.


Digital Media Strategy
SEO & Sitemap Planning
Content Migration
Visual Designs
Data Architecture
Custom Platform Development
Interactive Map
Data Development

% Increase in Users
% Increase in Organic Traffic
% Increase in Session Duration
% Decrease in Bounce Rate

The Objective

Known for their unique style of real estate reporting and data tracking, The Development Tracker had grown rapidly for over ten years. However, they needed to create a new media platform that would seamlessly consolidate three separate websites while also offering their readers new ways to engage with their wealth of content.

While updating The Development Tracker’s web architecture, it was crucial to avoid sacrificing search equity in the pursuit of new revenue streams. We also needed to ensure that the UX of the consolidated website would be clean, navigable, and easy to understand for users.

With our broad capabilities in branding, design, technology, and marketing, Authentic was uniquely positioned to help The Development Tracker strategize and launch its new platform with custom-built tools and a powerful new growth strategy.

Our Approach

To ensure that The Development Tracker’s SEO presence wouldn’t be negatively affected by the changes to its web architecture, we ran multiple SEO and SEM audits and were able to consolidate its content under a single domain without impacting search equity.

Next, we overhauled The Development Tracker’s UX and introduced a brand new experience to showcase their unique style of real estate journalism. We saw opportunities for them to do more than long-form articles—we introduced landing pages, project highlights, and other updates to set the stage for long-term growth.

Of course, no UX update would be complete without touching on what made The Development Tracker stand out in the first place: its large swath of geo-information. We built a custom mapping interface with upgraded functionality, allowing users to easily track properties all over Minnesota.

The migration work ultimately spanned WordPress, Craft CMS, Mapbox, and other applications, but the resulting website was unified, user-friendly, and primed The Development Tracker for another decade of fast-paced growth.

The Result

Across the board, The Development Tracker’s new platform exceeded performance KPIs and delivered a vastly improved user experience to their readership. Equipped with new tools and technology, the company is now poised to unlock additional revenue streams and grow into new markets.

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