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Wold A&E came to us during a pivotal transition period for their business. They were rapidly expanding into multiple new markets and needed an updated website to better convey the Wold brand experience to new businesses unfamiliar with their regional reputation.

Furthermore, they needed to equip their business development team with new tools and resources to better promote and sell their services.


Website Performance & SEO Audit
Business Development Strategy
Web Design Analysis
Visual Designs
Web Development
Content Migration
CMS Integration
SEO Optimization

% Increase in Organic Search Performance
% Increase in Website Sessions
% Increase in Total Page Views
% Increase in Session Duration
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The Objective

The Wold team wanted to overhaul their website in order to deliver a best-in-class online experience to users. While aesthetics were important, they wanted all aspects of our strategy—design, content, and user experience—to be backed by data, showing in hard numbers how the performance issues that plagued their previous website were being improved upon and overcome.

We decided to lay out an audit strategy, use it to guide each phase of execution, and then reaffirm our decisions with additional data.

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Our Approach

We started by taking a deep dive into their existing website data, running multiple audits of their website performance to better understand technical SEO problems, content strategy issues, and user experience shortcomings.

Using that data, we created several strategic pillars to guide a multi-phased design process that included content strategy, wireframes, and visual designs. Each deliverable was built from scratch and aligned with the unique needs of their project.

With completed designs in hand, we transitioned into writing the code, developing a compelling and visually stunning user experience. We configured the website inside a powerful content management system, giving their team full control over every piece of website content, so they could continue to create and share powerful content.

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The Results

The website saw a significant increase in traffic. Visitors stayed longer, converted more frequently, and engaged more deeply with the Wold brand.

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