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March 22, 2019

Authentic Form & Function announces our partnership with Chicago-based Esptein Global, a multi-disciplinary design and construction company with offices worldwide.

After providing initial assistance in 2018 with design and SEO optimization, the Authentic team also offered support on various content management system updates and upgrades to finish out the year. By early 2019, our team was pleased to kickoff the formal strategy process on the redesign of the company's corporate website.

Known for capabilities that span specialities within design, engineering, and construction, the new website promises to highlight the team's exceptional work like never before. Beyond an aesthetic update, however, the new website will also capture the team's culture and thought leadership like they've never done in previous iterations.

Technical and interactive updates are in the works for Epstein's updated web platform, as well. Video, mixed reality, marketing automation, and an updated enterprise content management system are all on the table as we assist in rolling out the new web presence by late-summer.

We couldn't be more thrilled to help Epstein bring to life an elevated digital platform that both exhibits their work appropriately, but also introduces the world to a growing team of the brightest minds across multiple disciplines.

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