Chicago's Bonnie Management and Authentic Form & Function Team Up

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March 1, 2019

Authentic Form & Function is pleased to share our new partnership with Bonnie Management Corporation, based in Chicago.

Founded in 1974, Bonnie Management is a full service commercial real estate firm that specializes in CRE management, asset management, construction, receivership, and leasing services.

Through its affiliate, Bonnie Investment Group (BIG), Bonnie Management is also involved in the acquisition, new development, and redevelopment of commercial real estate.

Being a business that has been in existence for almost 50 years, Bonnie adheres to the idea that bigger is not always better. Their goal is to provide boutique comprehensive management services that maximize a property's value through greater tenant retention, operating performance, and cost efficiencies.

Authentic is excited to build the team's core company website on our Amplify platform, which both expedites the custom design and development phase, but will still provide the team with a robust, enterprise-level platform to grow on.

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