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September 24, 2019

With the launch of its new website, J.S. Held and Authentic Form and Function will continue their successful partnership.

Since 2018, Authentic Form & Function has led the digital strategy, web design, development of J.S. Held's website. The fast-growing, global consulting firm has tripled in size in the last five years.

With that rapid growth came the need for a website that reflected those changes. J.S. Held has also successfully completed multiple acquisitions over the past few years, which elevated its business and increased the need for additional website functionality.

That’s where Authentic came in. J.S. Held’s new website needed to think outside the box and find new, innovative ways to better serve its global client base. With key functionalities such as geo-specific content, search, advanced filtering options, and personalized recommendations, J.S. Held and Authentic enriched user experience while also communicating more effectively.

“We’ve leveraged the integration of these new features to create a seamless journey that articulates everything we do in a clear, concise fashion,” said Cliff Craig, marketing manager at J.S. Held.

The new website provides immediate access to speciality areas, staff directory, and other languages. Both its design and function provide an informative, but clear experience for its global visitors.

According to Craig, having a trusted partner in Authentic was “instrumental” in the success of the project, that included launching over 1,500 pages in multiple languages.

“From design to development, their creative insight, dedication, and web expertise helped shape our vision and bring our ideas to life,” he said.

Craig added that what J.S. Held values the most about its partnership with Authentic is the extra effort it puts in to do what’s best for the firm.

“Whether that’s offering alternative solutions or picking up a call after hours, they understand what it means to be there for their clients.”

Authentic and J.S. Held successfully launched the new website in August 2019. Authentic will continue to work closely with J.S. Held to expand the website, and make it a useful resource for their clients, customers, and internal team members.


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