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Providing a roadmap for startups at all stages

Startups are dynamic and fast-paced with a constantly evolving set of demands. Your product needs to continuously improve, while creating campaigns for user acquisition and growth. We pair our deep understanding of product design and platform development, with the strategic insight necessary to ensure your vision captivates users.

  • Interface & Product Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Web App Development
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Traction & Growth Strategy
Startups interface design
Design for startups
Created with Sketch. Our experience with Authentic has been one of the best consulting relationships I've had in over 50 years of previous partnerships. Pat Dawe, Founder & CEO, Greenhouse GO


We help startups grow, front to back. Product design and development paired with strategic traction and user growth campaigns, improves your roadmap while giving you the tools to accomplish your business goals. 

Growth is multifaceted; so is our service.


For early-stage startups we begin with a simple idea, allowing you to iteratively test the concept and build products tied to measured successes. From there, we establish the marketing channels needed to get your product in front of targeted users.

Finding success through iteration. Showing you the lean product roadmap.


As startups evolve, growth can plateau. With the ability to plug into your business, we can greatly progress your product with fresh design and technical expertise. Solving specific usability challenges, redesigning the interface, or improving experience with technology are just some of the ways we can push you forward.

We give you rapid expertise to improve your product quickly.


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