OZ Architecture Chooses Authentic to Energize Its Digital Experience

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September 1, 2020

Colorado-based OZ Architecture has partnered with Authentic Form & Function for their forthcoming company website. A group poised to share deep levels of industry experience, design expertise, and innovation excellence, the new OZ website aims to capture the dynamism and culture of a quickly evolving firm.

A core driving force for the effort stems from a general need to refresh the brand and messaging, but beyond that, Associate Principal Nate Jenkins explains what needs to come through on the new digital experience.

"OZ listens to the client and challenges preexisting notions through intense exploration. We are all in the trenches with the general contractors and project partners. There is a sincere care and intimacy with the clients that doesn't show up in many other firms."

The two teams are also collaborating on a better way to leverage the heavy-lifting project or case study pages to better serve such a robust architectural website.

Elevating detailed in-process and hand drawn aspects of the work is also an increasingly important driver for decision-making, and will be aimed to express process to future clients and partners. After all, it is that process that marks OZ as a differentiator in their field.

Once completed, the new digital experience for OZ Architecture will serve the firm for years to come, and offer a robust set of tools, both internally and externally, to ensure OZ is expressed appropriately with the world.

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