Independent Design & Technology studio working with organizations revitalizing urban communities.

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New Business: Zeppelin Station

Authentic Form & Function is announcing the latest urban development partnership alongside Denver’s Zeppelin Station. We’re pleased to once again be partnering on a project that creates connections with local communities.

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From ExpressionEngine to Craft

Now that we're wrapping our first large-scale Craft CMS build, I want to take some time to reflect on Craft itself, speaking to how it compares to ExpressionEngine, a tool we have used for a number of years and a platform from which Craft was clearly inspired.


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Beyond Remote

Authentic F&F started the year with a fairly large change. The last day in 2014 was also the last day for our previous (and first) employee, Ian, who decided it was time for him to move on from Authentic and venture on his own path. Ian became a great colleague and friend to both Chris and I, and seeing him leave disrupted the idealist picture of what we wanted our business to be, questioning many decisions we've made about how to build our business. 

This change, while hard to digest at first, forced us to take a hard look our company’s remote-oriented vision. Not only how to retain talented remote employees, but ensuring all members of the team felt fulfilled; in the work they are doing individually, and in business we are creating together.


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